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About Me

I'm Erika! I have been a tree hugging, veggie loving gal for quite some time. I've geeked out on books, documentaries, seminars, and various health treatments for years, soaking in as much as I could with the main goal to feel happy and energized.  While I thought I "walked the walk", eating a diet full of fruits, veggies and happiness, bouncing from intense workout class to zen mediation center,  I consistently found myself in a state of “ugh”: bloated, bogged down, tired, anxious, depressed, inflamed- you name it. I craved a world where I felt light, vibrant and clear. 


It wasn't until I attended a talk at Bonberi Mart in 2018 (an adorable vegan bodega in the heart of the West Village in NYC) where everything clicked.  I heard Gil Jacobs and Mike Perrine talk about the magic of Gravity Colonics, and the idea that true detox, cleansing and vitality comes from the elimination of waste that our bodies have accumulated over the years. Eating a healthy diet is essential, but they emphasized that removing the toxic load/ build up in our guts is far more important than obsessing over that new hot superfood that’s hit the diet scene. My whole paradigm shifted in this moment. The idea of eliminating all the gunk (processed foods, antibiotics, alcohol, toxins, gas, etc) built up in my system for years in order to make way for my body to actually do what it was meant to, was a huge, self-compassionate "DUUUUH!" For years I had been told to ‘add this supplement’, ‘eat this superfood to help blah blah blah’, and while not necessarily wrong, none of those tid-bits did their job when I fed them to a system already full of toxicity. The discomfort that I felt was based on years and years of accumulative intestinal toxicity that led me to feel sluggish, bogged down, the works. No wonder the healthier choices I started making later in life weren’t making that big of a difference! 

This was all put into full effect when I mustered up the courage to get my first gravity colonic with the amazing Xell Calderer in LA. I finally felt the lightness and energy I had been craving all those years after my first session. Adding gravity colonics to my life as a supplement to my already healthy lifestyle has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I want to share that same joy, vibrancy and relief with as many people as I possibly can! Becoming a certified colon therapist was a no brainer, as I am so passionate about this work.  What goes in, must come out- and if it’s not coming out, it very well could be creating dis-ease in the body. It would be an absolute honor to aid in your healing journey!


My amazing mentors include Breanna Wood, Janice Muscio, Xell Calderer, and Helen Wood <3

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