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Relieves Constipation

One session can instantly help with constipation by hydrating the bowel and allowing clogged matter to soak and release. Multiple gravity sessions equate to strengthening the bowel muscles to allow eliminating on your own more easily and frequently. A gravity cleanse session is like a trip to the gym for you bowel muscles.


Eliminates Gas & Bloat

Bloating and gas happen for so many reasons. A main reason we bloat is due to old food residue that has stuck to the walls of our large intestine for too long. This old residue from our toxic diets can create bad bacteria, fermentation and yeast, disrupting all the goodness that our gut flora is meant to provide naturally.  Colonics not only help eliminate waste, they also hugely aid in the removal of gas pressure.


Lessens Allergies & Inflammation

When we eliminate toxicity and detox our gut, our immune system quite literally  ‘takes a load off’ and is given a chance to breathe, cleaning the entire chemistry of the body. Removing wastes and pressure can result in a calmer immune system. Seasonal, food and pet allergens quickly subside after gravity sessions due to the release of retained waste that was initially causing flare ups. 

Bean Pod

Flattens Tummy

Constipation and gas pressure can be the cause of that little pudge many of us tend to see around the lower abdomen region. Even the most fit people complain about not being able to get rid of this small area. When that build up is released with a gravity colonic, it’s quite amazing to see and feel the lighter difference in the lower belly region. 


Clears Skin

Our largest detoxifying organ is our skin. It is such a helpful tool to tell us what might be going on internally. Acne, eczema, blemishes, rashes, etc. can all be signs of a sluggish, built up bowel. Our skin then ‘helps out’ by taking some of that toxic load on… gross, right? When we eliminate, our skin is given more oxygen and hydration to make room and clear for that fresh, dewy, glistened skin we all crave.


Boosts Mood & Sleep

Sleep is a key place for our bodies to repair and rest. When we are free of the toxicity that makes our bodies work overtime, good sleep and balanced moods come easier to our bodies to naturally perform on their own. 

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