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It takes some digging to find detailed resources pertaining to gravity colonics. I'm hoping to help fill that gap!

If you're looking for more information, this page is a great place to start.



Joyce Rockwood describing the Woods Gravity method in impressive detail. 

She explains the differences between colonic systems from 4:00 minutes in to about 11:00 minutes.

Mike Perrine is a wealth of knowledge.

He has been such a huge mentor to me from afar. His instagram account @everydaydetox is a gold mine ranging from gravity colonics, detox, recipes, gardening, etc. He is a true detox encyclopedia!  Some of my favorite content of his includes:

VITALITY BROOM CLEANSE: An excellent cleanse to follow, pre-colonic!


**Watch if you have a strong stomach. Footage of what the Standard American Diet looks like in your intestines overtime. Extremely eye opening


One of my favorite interviews at Bonberi Mart

I LOVE this interview that my amazing mentor, Xell Calderer, did for Agent Nateur.

Sketched Mushroom
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